Introduction to Operations and Logistics Management

Hari Jumat, tanggal 13 Maret 2020 merupakan hari pertama dimulai Collaborative Action antara IPOMS (Indonesian Production and Operation Management Society) sebagai komunitas non-profit dengan LP3i sebagai pihak kampus.

Hal ini sejalan dengan misi IPOMS, yaitu salah satunya adalah sinergy & integration. Yang diterjemahkan dalam program kerja Collaborative Action, yaitu kegiatan bekerja sama dengan University / Institute, Company / Corporate, Association / Group.

Materi pertama yang diangkat adalah Introduction to Operations and Logistics Management. Dimana Operations Management adalah plans for, and creates the competitive advantages  that all businesses need for fueling profitable growth. As a result, OM is  the most critical of the business functions. Studying OM means studying modern planning, decision-making and management methods in all functional areas of an organization, including strategic and tactical planning, products and services development, product and project management, process and supply chain management, and more.

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